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Not only is the Dreamtime Montenegro resort the perfect classic destination location, we cater to a number of different events for groups of all sizes.


Whether it’s yoga, tai-chi, basketball, triathlon, or something completely different. Use the resort as the venue for your very own workshop or bootcamp.


Spend your first week as a married couple together on a romantic getaway complete with beautiful isolated beaches, drinks by the pool, and a house all to yourselves.


Looking for an escape from the real world? Visit the resort and spend a few days in quasi-isolation, away from stress, from people, civilization, and spend the time focused on yourself; maybe even join in a session with our resident hypnotherapist.


Stray away from the classic birthday, bachelor, and bachelorette parties, and instead celebrate in paradise with your closest friends. Take advantage of all the amenities including the private poolside bar, and if the mood strikes, we can help organise an unforgettable night in nearby Tivat, Kotor, or Budva!

Corporate retreat

The resort’s many amenities make it the ideal location for a team-building event or any other form of a corporate retreat. Not to mention, the bar can be converted into a functional conference room at a moment’s notice.

Nature retreat

Tired of how commercialized most vacation destinations have become? Rt Veslo is one of the last undeveloped locations in Montenegro, full of secluded natural beaches, hidden caves, crystal-clear water, and undisturbed wildlife. Then, after you’re finished exploring, come back to the comfort of the fully furnished resort.

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