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The Dreamtime Montenegro resort is a world-class vacation destination with something for just about anyone. Located on the secluded Luštica peninsula in the small town of Veslo, the resort is the ideal destination for those seeking the perfect mix of privacy and adventure.

Crowded beaches and tourist traps are virtually non-existent thanks to its seclusion, but there’s always something to keep you entertained.



Enjoy your stay in one of our 3 beautiful, fully furnished accommodations.

Shanti   |   Ariel   |   Haniel



What’s a vacation without a little fun? For those days when you’re not in the mood to explore the beauty of Rt Veslo, or travel around the famous sites in Montenegro, you can spend the day right here at the Dreamtime resort, and take advantage of the many amenities we have to offer.

Experience Montenegro


Not only is the Dreamtime resort a great vacation destination in and of itself, but it can also serve as the perfect hub for experiencing everything that Montenegro has to offer.



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