About Us - Dreamtime
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In the beginning


When construction began in 2007 the plan for the Dreamtime Montenegro resort was very different from what you can see today. We began with one house, to serve as our family holiday getaway destination; because we are a family first. With each addition, our focus was always creating a place where we would feel at home and can follow our dreams. That’s why we named the resort Dreamtime – a place that exudes joy.

This is what makes us unique – The most common comment we get from guests is that when they walk in, they feel like they’re walking into their home-away-from-home. So, we welcome you into our home, and into our lives, so that we call all share in the happiness.

Our philosophy

Our core philosophy is very simple:
a home-away-from-home.

We’re all too familiar with the holidays where you want to leave the accommodation as soon as possible. At the Dreamtime resort, our aim was to cultivate an atmosphere where guests don’t feel a need they have to go anywhere. Of course, if you decide to go out there are a multitude of possibilities, but our goal is to make the resort as relaxing as possible.


The resort is a living, breathing organism. Like individual branches that make up one large tree, so-to are we all individuals that makeup one family, that is rooted and connected at the Dreamtime resort. It is each of our individual personalities that have shaped this place into what it is today.

Alenka loves the space, and its quasi-isolation. She is especially fond of the zen forest hidden behind the basketball court, perfect for pursuing her passions like morning meditation, yoga, dancing, or hypnotherapy.

Marko and Brin both have a passion for sport so a basketball court, whether just for the family or for larger games with friends was a no-brainer.

Anže is our resident chef and mixologist. His passion for both food and drink formed the foundation for the creation of our latest addition; the poolside bar.

Nina absolutely loves lounging by the pool, reading on an open balcony, and her love for movies was the catalyst for our decision to add an outdoor movie venue to our repertoire.

Jaka, our youngest has a wide range of interests from sports, to billiards, to DJing.