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For those seeking an adventure one place simply can’t provide Montenegro is full of interesting experiences. Whether you’re simply looking for a good restaurant, some adventure, or beautiful places to visit, there’s something out there for you.


Located just 15 minutes away from the resort in nearby Mirište, Enjoy both a day by the beach and a fantastic seafood restaurant. We recommend visiting in the early evening to witness the sunset over the sea with a great view of Fort Mamula, both beautiful and rich in history.

Ribarsko Selo

If you’re looking for a slightly posher experience, take a short walk from Mirišta to Ribarsko Selo. It’s no coincidence that these restaurants are located a stone’s throw away from each other – the view is one that’s very hard to beat. Interestingly their menu is based on the catch of the day, meaning its everchanging and always fresh.

Al Posto Giusto

Translated to “In the right place” the restaurant is quite aptly named. In the center of the newly developed Porto Montenegro, Al Posto Giusto is just over a half-hour from the resort. Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine before taking a walk around the port, or through the historic city of Tivat.

Boat rental

It’s no secret that a major benefit of vacationing in Montenegro is its access to the Mediterranean. If you’re feeling inclined, we can help organize a boat so that you can spend the day on the high seas. Rent it for the day, with or without a skipper and explore Montenegro’s beautiful and extensive shoreline.

Almara beach

The beaches at Veslo are a great escape from the crowds you may be used to. However, if crowds are just your thing then Almara beach may be the answer. Only 15 minutes away from the resort, enjoy the sandy beach and the active party vibe.

Ada Bojana

The small river island Bojana is located just about on the boarder of Albania and is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, camping along its 3 km long sandy beach are just some of the things the island offers.

Wine tasting

Alongside their olive oil, Montenegro is widely known for its great wine, so for the connoisseurs out there why not visit a local vineyard or tasting, or both.


Though we do have a kayak available to our guests, if you’re looking to take a kayaking trip as a group, we can help with procuring several more to ensure you can all have a good time.


Explore the hidden beauty of the peninsula hiking along its curves, seeking out hidden beaches, monasteries, and more. Just make sure to avoid the mid-day heat.

Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is the largest of several caves along the peninsula. The cave gets its name from the gorgeous blue light reflected from its unusually sandy bottom.

Njegoš Mausoleum

When in Montenegro the mausoleum of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš is a must-see destination about 1.5 hours from the resort. Located on top of Lovćen, one of the tallest peaks in the country, the view alone has been compared to being on the moon. On your way be sure to check out Cetinje at the base of the mountain, full of history and marvelous architecture.


If you’re visiting Kotor, make sure you visit the nearby town of Perast. What it lacks in fortification it more than makes up for in natural and architectural beauty, in addition to its two islets, namely the famous “Our Lady of the Rocks”.


As you move south through Montenegro, Ottoman influence becomes more and more prevalent. Just before the border with Albania Ulcinj is the perfect place to experience this culture.

Tara River Canyon

If you plan on traveling further North, you would be remiss to not visit the Tara canyon that separates part of the border between Montenegro and Bosnia. The abrupt 1,300-meter drop of the canyon, onto an astonishingly blue river, can only be described as magical (and perfect for rafting).

Sveti Stefan

Just off the coast of Budva, along a short causeway lies a tiny island with an extensive history: Sveti Stefan. Once a safe haven for pirates, then home to a villa of Queen Marija Karađorđević of Serbia, and now host to a luxury hotel and private villas, the fortified islet is something to behold; although you may have to do it from afar.


Thousands of years old, the fortified city of Kotor is quite possibly the most impressive city to visit. The tightly packed narrow streets are full of gorgeous architecture that hasn’t been changed in centuries, and a spectacular view awaits those willing to trek to the top of the fortifications.


The center of tourism in Montenegro is in the once quiet town of Budva. About an hour or two from the resort the city is packed with restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and a long promenade along the beach

Luštica Bay

The latest addition to the peninsula is the small town of Luštica Bay. Privately built, it is made up of upscale houses, hotels, and restaurants, and enclosed by a massive marine on one side, and rolling hills on the other.


Almost split in two, Tivat is the closest city (and airport) to the Dreamtime resort. The older part of town is full of history and beautiful architecture, while the newly renovated marina and surrounding area is home to the world’s elite. Posh apartments, shops, bars, and restaurants dot the shore and luxury superyachts fill the marina.


A cute beach and great restaurants, Porto Rosa is gorgeous small town on the northern end of the Luštica peninsula. From here Herceg Novi is just a short boat ride away, and has been called the scuba capital of Montenegro, thanks to its crystal-clear water.

Old Bar

Only a few kilometers away from the new city of Bar, and about two hours from the resort sits the old city of Bar. Abandoned about 50 years ago thanks to a massive earthquake, the city has seen a steady revival as citizens return to the gorgeous medieval town.